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Great student support from highly qualified trainers


• Affordable •

We are one of the most competitive educational providers in Australia.  


• Quality •

If you would like a career change, or simply to up-skill for your current position, we can help you. The skills learned through Vostro Institute are aligned with industry "best practice" and real life practical skills that you will use everyday. Our trainers are also highly qualified and recognised in the field. 


• Accredited •

On completion of your course from Vostro Institute you will gain a nationally recognised qualification. This includes academic and practical skills that will be seen favourable by Australian employers and give you the competitive edge to kick-start your career. 


• Supportive •

At Vostro Institute, we believe that student success is ensured by receiving plenty of support both inside and outside of the classroom. That's why our academic resources and support programs are excellent for people new to the Australian Qualification Framework.

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