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About Vostro Institute of Australia

Vostro is a Victorian-based RTO delivering nationally accredited qualifications. Established in 2008 and based in the heart of Melbourne’s western suburbs, Vostro is proud to deliver flexible, innovative Vocational Education and Training solutions and services across a range of industries throughout Melbourne and regional Victoria.

Vostro strives to ensure quality in all aspects of its service delivery while meeting the requirements of the Australian Quality Training Framework.

Our trainers, assessors and administrative staff are committed to helping and supporting you to achieve the skills and knowledge relevant to your current or future role, and to your workplace by delivering training of the highest quality.

We pride ourselves on our principles, ethics and innovative outlook and are thoroughly committed to the principles of Access and Equity, ensuring that all of our students receive customised training delivery solutions that best suit the skills and needs of our individual students.

In January 2014, Vostro became a part of the Academies Australasia Group of Colleges (

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Why choose Vostro?

At Vostro, we are dedicated to providing high-quality educational outcomes for our students. We ensure that the courses we offer are designed to meet the specific needs of our clients.

Our nationally accredited qualifications are carefully crafted to provide a professional, tailored, and enjoyable learning experience for all our learners. We believe in making education accessible to everyone, which is why we have included all necessary resources such as books and learning materials in our affordable packages.

Our trainers/assessors are committed to supporting you throughout your training journey. They are readily accessible and available to assist you in gaining the most from your educational experience.

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