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HLT47015 Certificate IV in Sterilisation Services


This qualification HLT47015 Certificate IV in Sterilisation Services, reflects the role of a team leader or senior technician in a sterilisation or reprocessing area. This worker is responsible for the maintenance of quality requirements and monitoring of technical sterilisation functions. Vostro students benefit from classes in state-of-the-art environments with cutting-edge equipment and resources. Students graduate with a profound knowledge of the varying medical environments and the skills to provide assistance to a variety of healthcare professionals.

The program provides the knowledge and skills required to:

  • Identifying equipment to be sterilised

  • Cleaning and sterilising surgical instructions and other hospital equipment

  • Operating a variety of sterilisation machines

  • Complying with infection control policies and procedures

  • Preparing and packing medical items


In the classroom, this course is typically delivered over a period of 9 months plus 80 hours of work placement on full time or part time delivery and the level of existing skills/experience of participants.

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CHCDIV001     Work with diverse people

HLTSTE001      Clean and disinfect reusable medical devices

HLTSTE002      Inspect and pack reusable medical devices

HLTSTE003      Sterilise loads

HLTSTE004      Manage sterile stock

HLTSTE005      Care for reusable medical devices

HLTSTE007      Monitor and maintain cleaning and sterilisation equipment

HLTSTE008      Monitor quality of cleaning, sterilisation and packaging processes

HLTWHS003    Maintain work health and safety

HLTWHS005    Conduct manual tasks safely

HLTINF007       Implement and monitor infection prevention and control standards, policies and procedures

HLTSTE006      Chemically disinfect reusable medical devices

BSBMED301    Interpret and apply medical terminology appropriately

BSBLDR411     Demonstrate leadership in the workplace

BSBHRM415    Coordinate recruitment and onboarding

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